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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Jan 29, 2020 10:37am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: APRIL 68 1/4 Byrds, Airplane, Simon & Garfunkel, and Grape


This was one of the “Basement Tapes” song Dylan had written in 67, during his time out, following his “motor cycle accident” in 66 . His recording with the Band of some of the song were made into acetates to be distributes to various artists . Being on Columbia, and having recored many Dylan songs, they got a shot at them . Peter, Paul, & Mary, and Manfred Mann had perviously recorded some of these songs . What was different about this record is that it was that they had gone in a country direction . I will get into this more when I talk about the album “Sweetheart of The Rodeo” .
Chris Hillman was already into country, and bringing on Gram Parsons, was cemented the move . The Steel guitar is famous session man Lloyd Green .The version was not a hit, but must have pricked a few ears .

Great song, but not really AM radio friendly , and predictable did poorly .

SIMON & GARFUNKEL - album - BOOKENDS - April 3
Disclosure, I’m not the biggest Paul Simon fan (with Artie, or without) . Respect him more than I love him .That said this is a fine record, maybe their best . They had already had a boost with the inclusion of some of their songs in “The Graduate” . Including “Mrs. Robinson” .Side one was a concept of going though life , including the wonderful “America”. Side two was “filler” with 3 previously released singles, “A Hazy Shade of Winter” from 66, and “Fakin’ It”, and At the Zoo” from 67 . But it all seems to fit .If you want deep delving, the wiki is huge .
And the hit

MOBY GRAPE - album - WOW/GRAPEJAM - April 3
The second album by this San Francisco band, is considered a drop from the first one . Basically , a straight ahed rock band, with good writers, singer, and player, they put on production robes of the time, and they don’t fit well on them . Always the band that should have done better, but didn’t . The album had two discs, but was not a double album, but too separate records, packager together .